Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One step closer

It’s felt like a million years to get here, but it’s only been four months. This weekend, Ryan rolled over for the first time.

The thrill that came over me when we watch him roll from his belly to his back is indescribable. I am so excited that he has finally hit this milestone, but I am even more excited that he is that much closer to complete mobility. When Ryan can move around on his own he will be able to defend himself against the towering toddler … his big sister.

Sophia absolutely loves her little brother, but she can be a bit aggressive when it comes to showing him how much she loves him. Somehow sticking her face directly in front of his and squealing doesn’t translate real well into “I love you, Ryan.”

When he can move, he will be able to get away from her when she becomes overwhelming. He’ll be able to push her away when she becomes overbearing and he can tackle her to get her back for all the times she’s tried to pick him up by his neck.

Now that he has rolled over, he is one step closer to being able to play with his big sister the way she understands how to play with children her own age. And that means a little more freedom for me.

Thank goodness.