Monday, February 18, 2008

Play time all the time

Yesterday afternoon, my husband turned to me and said, "You know, we don't do anything but play with our kids all day long."

Ugh, I know.

That got me to thinking about our lifestyle and what it means for our kids. He's absolutely 100 percent right that we spend a lot of time playing with our kids, but I'm not exactly sure what else I'm supposed to be doing.

I don't think Sophia is old enough to be left to her own devices yet and Ryan still needs protection from his big sister's advances. So else is there?

We did the laundry. Our house is relatively clean and the dishes are done. Doing housework isn't exactly what I call a good time, so if it doesn't have to be done, it probably won't. It's the middle of the winter, so we can't really play outside. If there is a random nice day, I'll bring Sophia outside to play for a bit while Ryan sleeps or we'll take the kids for a walk around the neighborhood, but all of these activities involve me and my husband interacting with the kids.
All day long we are playing with the kids, whether we're coloring, playing hide and seek, feeding the baby or playing dress up, we are our kids constant playmates.

Our basement has been converted to a playroom/bedroom for my stepson, but I can't leave Ryan and Sophia done there alone. I think once Ryan is 2 and Sophia is 3, maybe I'll be able to let them play without my supervision, but until then I am the referee and team captain.

And for now, I don't think it's such a bad thing. There will be a time when my kids won't want to be near me, so I guess we should take advantage of this while we can.