Monday, March 3, 2008

Jeepers creepers

I dropped Ryan off at my parents house Friday afternoon and while I was there he was trying to roll over from his back to his belly. This is tough for any baby to learn. It's hard to get the momentum going enough, so in order to roll over the baby has to actually want to get there.

Anyway, I stayed with him for about 45 minutes cheering him on, but he gave up and I left. As soon as I got home and walked in my front door, I got a call that he rolled over.

The cheering for Ryan was so wild you'd think the Flyers won the Stanley Cup, or so I was told.

By Saturday morning he was rolling over like a champ and by Sunday he was up on his knees creeping across the floor. I'm not exaggerating. It was a little unexpected. This boy is not even six months old and he's getting around. I'm sure he'll be crawling next week. He'll be walking in no time.

I've heard that the second child gets moving a lot soon than the first. My daughter was walking by 10 months and running before she was even a year old. She's a climber who can get up, over and down the most dangerous obstacles without batting an eyelash. I have a feeling that Ryan is going to show her up.

I'm in big trouble.