Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One hot mama

OK, I'll admit it, the best part about Sophia learning how to talk is making her say silly things. There are days when she will say almost anything I ask her to say. Other days, she won't say a single word. Last night she was a motor mouth.

A couple of weeks ago, we taught her to say "cool, baby." It's very cute, especially when she points and tries to wink when she says it. Over the weekend, Sophia learned "hot mama."

The day I tried to teach her she wouldn't say it at all. She just laughed like I was nuts. Well, it must have stuck because when I picked her up from daycare yesterday, she was all about "hot mama."

In the car, it was hot mama, hot mama, hot mama, until I turned to hand her a cookie and dropped it. "Oh, man," is what I said.

"Oh, man, hot mama, hot mama," I heard the rest of the way home.

Presented in front of me was an opportunity I couldn't resist.

"Who's a hot mama?" I asked. "Mommy!"

Yes! I've made it. I am now one hot mama.