Monday, April 28, 2008

A beautiful moment

Sophia wouldn't go down for a nap yesterday afternoon. She was exhausted and cranky. When I put her in the crib, she cried and cried and cried until we couldn't listen to the cry any longer. I went into her room and picked her up and she put her head on my shoulder, so I sat in the rocker and held her until she fell asleep. When I tried to lay her down, she woke up and started crying again. I tried three times to put her down before I gave up and figured I was going to have to hold her if she was going to sleep.

For an hour and a half I sat with Sophia sleeping soundly on my lap. She started with her head on my shoulder and then repositioned herself so that she was sleeping fetus style on my lap. I wrapped a blanket around the two of us and I also fell asleep.

My husband took Ryan with him and dropped my stepson off at soccer practice. When he came back, I had just woken up from my little nap. Sophia was still sleeping. I sat, holding my little girl, with a line of drool creeping down the inside of my arm. My legs were falling asleep and my back was stiff, but I held on to my daughter. I didn't mind the drool or the stiffness in my body because I enjoying the snuggle time.

Her head was right under my chin and I could smell her hair. I sat and listened to her breathe. She was so relaxed and I was in Mommy Heaven.

When she finally woke up, she was a little cranky, but her mood changed to pleasant pretty quick.

It is amazing how much love and trust children have in their parents and how a little thing like a nap can be so beautiful. Sometimes kids can be a little clingy and it can get annoying having to carry them around all the time. But it's moments like this remind me how wonderful it really is to hold your child.

Update, update: Ryan's tooth finally came in on Friday, and he's been sleeping through the night since. Hooray! He also started crawling. He's not going any place fast because he's still figuring out his coordination, but he is officially mobile. Watch out world, Ryan is on his way!


Shannon said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. Well said. Sometimes we need reminding to slow down and enjoy these times with our children. They will never be this innocent again.