Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fundraiser, shmundraiser

Here I am less than 24 hours before I'm supposed to turn in the order forms for my kid's fundraiser and I'm way below my goal.

Daycare put us up to the task of selling candles, cookie dough, pies and other miscellaneous items nearly two weeks ago. The note that came with the package states that if everyone sells just five items they will be able to meet their goal and get new playground equipment. Yes, it's a good cause, so, yes, I brought it into work the very next day. But I didn't really sell it and now I'm feeling guilty for my lack of motivation.

The day I brought in the package I made a general announcement that my kids were selling "stuff" and it was for a good cause – playground equipment for my kid's daycare – and if anyone was interested the form would be on the table.

Two people placed an order in almost two weeks. Honestly, I'm shocked that even two people placed an order, but now that I have two orders I feel like I should have five. You see, if I didn't have any orders then I could just claim that I forgot to sell them or that I didn't have time. But since I have two orders, I feel like I should have my simple goal of five.

I might as well try, I thought, since I have to place an order anyway, right?

I tried, all right. I brought the forms to another department and the first person I approached said, "Already? In daycare?"

"Yup, it's for playground equipment," I said.

She placed an order. Hooray! That's three. Another person is looking at the forms right now and that will be four if she gets anything. By the end of the day I could make my goal. It's within reach, even if I have to buy a $9 candle myself, I will make my goal of five orders.

Come to think of it, I hope it was just five orders, not five orders per student.