Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yes, I baked brownies

Something came over me last night and I baked brownies. I never do stuff like that. I'm one of those mothers that runs to the grocery store at the last minute for cakes and cupcakes. The last time I baked anything was when I was pregnant with Sophia and I was dying for cake. I can't even remember if I made cake or brownies.

After the kids were in bed, I turned on the TV and there was nothing on. Seriously, 9 p.m. on a Tuesday there really was nothing on that was going to hold my attention, so I went to the kitchen and pulled out a package of brownie mix we've had in the cupboard since who knows when. After a quick look at the ingredients list I realized we actually had all the ingredients, so I got to mixing.

My husband, who was in the living room and heard me rustling around the kitchen, came in and was so shocked to see me mixing batter that he started laughing. "WHAT are YOU doing?" he managed to say in between laughs.

"Making brownies, and if you don't stop laughing you won't be allowed to eat them," I said. He gave me a hug and left the room.

It was seriously no big deal and I got to thinking, why don't I do this stuff more often. Oh, wait, I know, keeping brownies in the house won't help me lose those last 15 pounds.

They were a little dry, but they weren't gross, so I was going to bring them to work this morning since work is usually the fate of all my co-workers baked goods, leftover birthday cake, cookies, Easter and Halloween candy. But Sophia, who usually eats a bite of banana, cereal or granola bar, a piece of pancake or waffle, maybe an egg and cheese or, if all else fails, a pack of fruit snacks in the morning, actually sat and ate an entire brownie and a half of a banana. No, it's not the most nutritious breakfast, but it's breakfast and I was thrilled she ate it. Besides, I've gotten the doctor's OK to just push calories in her, she gets a nutritious lunch at daycare.

So, the brownies are staying at home, for now. If she eats them again tomorrow, maybe I'll be one of those mothers who bake on a regular basis.

Try not to laugh.


Anonymous said...


Love Mom

Diane Hoffman said...
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Diane Hoffman said...
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Diane Hoffman said...

Sorry about the deleted comments, they were my own and I made a mistake and I can't fix it. anyway, what I said in the last comments was that I can't believe even my own mother is laughing!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am laughing only because I know that you inherited your cooking skills from me! Enough said, right?


Melinda Zook said...

Mmm, now I'm hungry!

BTW, tagging you for a meme over at my blog!

Diane Hoffman said...