Friday, August 1, 2008

A little bit more about me

I wasn't officially "tagged" since Kat doesn't roll like that, but I wanted to take up the challenge of writing six random things about me because, well, yesterday's post was just so darn depressing that I thought this would lighten things up.

1. I am obsessed with being on time for things. Although I am almost always late or terribly early, I get very upset when other people (my husband) are late. It drives me nut and I blame this quirk of my squarely on my father who made it an illegal offense to come home even one minute late when I was a teenager. I was grounded so many times for this offense, I couldn't even begin to tell you exactly how many times.

2. I am completely insecure and need to be constantly reassured. Despite my best efforts to come off as completely put together, I'm always doubting my decisions.

3. I had no friends in elementary school. Oh, well, that's not 100% true. I had two very good friends. They were twins from Lebanon and during the summer before eighth grade, I composed a note to them and told them I couldn’t be their friend any more because no one wanted to be my friend because I was friends with them. I wrote it with the help of my next door neighbor (and friend as long as we weren't in school. I want to add here that my neighbor and I grew to be very close friends in high school and college. We were even in each other's weddings. Sadly, we grew apart, but as adults we are friendly and see each other every now and then and she is a very nice person.) who suggested I ditch these two girls so that the cooler kids would want to hang out with me. It was so mean. The only thing it accomplished was me loosing two friends. The cool kids still wouldn’t hang out with me. I'm still so ashamed of that letter, but I think it’s made me a better friend because today I am thankful for every person in my life and I’ll fight to keep them close if need be. Fortunately for my social status, I had a little better luck with making friends in high school.

4. I almost never shave my legs. Don't get grossed out, it's not because I like having hairy legs or anything, it's that I don't really have to do it. When hair does come it, it's blonde and very fine so even if it's there, I don't really have to shave it. Yes, I do indeed know how lucky I am.

5. I love shopping for shoes. I can’t really afford a ton of them so the ones I love the best I like to take pictures of so I can feel like I own them.

6. I am completely scared of the MS150. I afraid I will not be able to complete the 150 mile bike ride and I will hate myself for being such a wimp.

So, I’m going to take the cheesy way out and skip tagging anyone else because, honestly, I don’t want to bother people by making them feel like they have to do something they really don’t want to do. But if you want to do it, here are the rules. Go for it.

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Autumn's Mom said...

I've done this one I think a couple of times on my old blog. I like reading them. I totally related to the friend one. I was a selfish friend and family when I was a child. I blame my family, spoiled only kid! But I try to make sure my friends feel wanted and loved in spite of me sometimes still being selfish!

IRISHKAT said...

OMG!! I almost put #4 down too but got a little self conscious. hee hee How funny! I try and do a better job in the summer but some fall, it is a good 7 months before a razor hits my legs again!!

PS: I think you are going to rock the MS150!

Diane said...

irishkat: I hope so. I've been pretty lazy these last couple of days, but I hope to pick it up again this weekend!