Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Autumn traditions

This weekend we went to a local farm to experience the autumn tradition of pumpkin picking and going on a hay ride. I think the best part about this tradition is that we've been able to get some awesome pictures of the kids. The weather seems to be perfect, the sun is shining and everyone is smiling … and that makes for some pretty fine photos.


Autumn's Mom said...

I love going to the pumpkin farm, but i do not like carving pumpkins! We bought a carving kit last night and strobe light to put inside. I'm leaving this task to testosterone humanoids. :D

DC Urban Dad said...

Great pics. We took the little one last week to get her first pumpkin. Her 4 month old eyes were in amazement. She loved feeling the pumpkins.

Mamasphere said...

Great pictures! We're heading to the pumpkin patch this weekend, and my camera is going to be working overtime!