Thursday, November 13, 2008

At least there was no blood

Last week, Sophia and I had a scuffle. I didn't write about it for a number of reasons but after a conversation with Laural from Laural Out Loud (formerly Mamasphere), she convinced me to share the story.

After dinner last Wednesday, Sophia asked to watch Cinderella. We had dinner early, so I said OK and put in the movie. At 7 p.m., I brought Ryan upstairs for his bath and put him to bed while Sophia watched her movie. At 7:20 p.m., I walked down stairs to get Sophia and bring her upstairs for her bath. Cinderella was at the ball dancing with the prince and Sophia wanted to finish the movie. Thinking there wasn't that much movie left, I sat with her and we finished watching Cinderella together.

By the time the movie was over it was 7:45 p.m. It was way passed her bedtime and she was cranky. I did her no favors by letting her finish the movie.

The crying started as I tried to get her undressed. It escalated when I put her in the bathtub. It got worse when I washed her hair and by the end of her bath she was inconsolable. As I put her pajamas on, I decided we'd skip brushing her teeth and put her right to bed. The crying had turned into an ugly mixture of moaning, crying and whining.

"No, I don't want to go to bed," she screamed. "I want you!"

I placed her in bed, but as I was tucking her in, she jumped up and the back of her head hit my face. It took every ounce of will power I had not to freak out. Sophia started screaming even louder, so I took the opportunity to leave her room and shut the door behind me. I needed a couple of seconds to recompose myself and check to see if my teeth were bleeding.

No blood, but my lip was sore. Her screaming intensified while I took a couple of deep breathes and calmed myself. With every ounce of courage and resolve I could muster, I walked back into her room and got her to bed. As I sat next to her bed lulling her to sleep, I put my hand on my lip and actually felt it swelling.

Laural begged me to tell her I took a picture of my swollen lip, but I didn't. I thought about taking a picture of what it looks like today, but sadly (or not) there is little evidence left of the incident, except my bruised ego. There is little worse than getting into a fight with a 2-year-old and losing.

On a different note, Jody Donnelly nominated me for a Butterfly Award.

Thank you, Jody. Now, I'm supposed to nominate at least 7 other blogs, so here you go:

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Autumn's Mom said...

Thanks for the award sweetie. :) I have many a scuffle when mine was a toddler. It happens. I remember trying to keep Autumn sitting in the car and she bit my arm so hard it bruised. An event I remember, and she does not. Two's are TERIFFIC. and sometimes not so much. haha

Kat said...

Thank you so much!!! My work has banned blogs from the computer network which has greatly decreased my ability to read and catch up on all my faves :( Still trying to figure out how to bring it up with the tech girl... hmmm.

Hope you lip is better soon!

Putz said...

are not you patty perfect with paul perfect as a husband and baby perfect as your child who goes to bed calmly with no fuss, june cleaver type who reads a bible story to her child and with spiritual insight your kid says i am going to ask what jeuss would do in that situation and do it

DC Urban Dad said...

So sorry to hear about your lip. The little one has just learned that she can dive bomb. So far no causalities.

Thank you for the award. You rock!

J at said...

OUCH! I've had the head/mouth connection, and it HURTS. Glad you're OK and didn't lose a tooth.

I'd say you won that scuffle. She's still alive, and she went to bed. ;)

Anonymous said...




I will post it soon;-)

Laural Out Loud said...

Thank you! That was a really great surprise to an otherwise ordinary day.

Have you healed up yet? She really wholluped you, didn't she?

McMommy said...

I realized I never properly thank you for my Butterfly Award!! I remember sending you the email asking "what is this butterfly you speak of?!" and I was praying you weren't punking me. :)

So I'm sorry I am a month late with my thank you....but I truly do appreciate it!!