Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The holiday that never ends

Now that the election is over, we can get down to other important business, like the extension of Halloween. For Sophia, one day of Halloween just wasn't enough; I think she's planning on keeping the festivities going until her costume falls apart. Seriously, she wears her "beautiful princess dress" and crown every single night.

I'm all about imaginary play. I've even been known to encourage the princess dress wearing on a few occasions prior to Halloween (see above photo). But I'm afraid this princess thing may be on the verge of spiraling out of control. Last night, Sophia needed to wear tights and a pink shirt to bed so she could be a princess ballerina while she slept. This morning she wore the same tights to daycare and her favorite non-costume dress so she could be a beautiful princess at school.

Every evening when we walk in the front door she takes off her jacket, helps hang it up and runs to get her princess costume and tiara (see photo below). When she is settled in her costume, she twirls around saying, "I a beautiful princess!"

Yes, she is indeed a beautiful princess, but how long do I let her go with this? Is there a point when I need to be worried? Or maybe I need to start redirecting her attention to other non-princess things? It's just that she LOVES princesses and I love that she thinks she's beautiful.

This is just a phase, right? It will pass.


The Happy Mom said...

This cracks me up because my daughter was the same way. That Cinderella costume I bought on sale at the Disney Store when she was 2 was the best money I ever spent in my life. I think she wore that thing every day for 3 years or so! :) Your princess is absolutely adorable by the way!

Autumn's Mom said...

It's just a phase. I say let her enjoy being a pretty pretty princes :) I wish I had a costume to put on in the evening to make me so happy. Well, my PJ's do sometimes.

Putz said...

I SAW MOOOOMY KISSING SANTA CLAS UNDER neath the christmals tree last night...she wasn't very bright

Mamasphere said...

Yes, let her be a princess all she wants! I even let Gabi go out in public in her dress (which was great until it started itching and I almost had a naked kid on my hands in the grocery store). Let her pretend and dream while she still can.

Kelley said...

Too dressed as a power ranger for 6 months. To bed and everything.

When she was 5.

Now she is just a Damn Emo.

Moo still thinks she is a princess, but no longer wears the tiara.

I think you are safe.

DC Urban Dad said...

I still dress up as a princess. Oh crap, did I just write that. Never mind.

Your daughter is super cute. I see that in my future.