Thursday, November 27, 2008

A princess for Christmas

Since it's become tradition for many for the start of the Christmas season to begin Thanksgiving …

Sophia: Christmas is my favorite.
Me: Sophia, do even know what Christmas is?
Sophia: It's my favorite.
Me: Sophia, Christmas is the holiday when we celebrate our family and how much we love each other.
Sophia: I wanna be a Princess for Christmas.
Me: Oh yeah? Christmas isn't really a costume holiday.
Sophia: But I need to.
Me: OK, you can be a princess for Christmas if you want.
Sophia: I love Ariel.

It's the innocents of being 2 that I love. She doesn't care about presents and she's deathly afraid of Santa Claus, all she knows is that something special is going to happen and she wants to be a princess during it. I wish I could keep my children this innocent forever.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Kim Cicconi said...

I for one am thoroughly in favor of making Christmas a costume holiday. Tell Sophia I'm on board with the Christmas Costume Revolution.

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Autumn's Mom said...

I want to be a princess for Christmas as well! Yes, indeed. Hope you are having a relaxing holiday.

Kat said...

Oh my gosh!! They are so frickin' cute! I would be a princess with her any day!

Bernadette said...

Don't let Sophia hang out with Savannah before Christmas......EVERY commercial on TV she says "I want that," I've now started saying it before her.....but, apparently, I'm "too big" for the toys she wants.

I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!