Monday, December 8, 2008

When a haircut isn't really a haircut

Remember when I wrote this? I was struggling about whether or not to get Ryan's haircut. I didn't want for my little baby boy to get his hair cut and start looking like a little boy instead of a baby. Well, Saturday night, while I was at work, that decision was taken out of my hands.

Sunday morning Jon let me sleep in. When I got up, he brought me coffee and I went downstairs to say good morning to the kids. Sitting, drinking my coffee, I looked at Ryan playing on the floor. Looking closer, I noticed he looks a little different.

Me: Jon, you cut Ryan's hair, didn't you?!

Jon: I just trimmed the front. It's not a real hair cut.

Me: You gave him his first haircut after I specifically asked you not to do it!

Jon: Diane, It's not a real haircut. It's not a big deal.

Me: If it wasn't a big deal, then why didn't you tell me?

Jon: The hair was in his eyes.

Me: So. Did you save any of the hair?

Jon: No.

Me: I am so upset about this.

Yes, I did make him feel guilty enough that he dug in the trash and found some hair clippings. All has been forgiven (shh! Don't tell Jon, Ryan does look really cute), but Ryan will now have to get his "real" first hair very soon.

Here is Ryan's "not really" very first haircut …


James Austin said...

Looks great! Mrs. LIAYF saved a clipping from Lukes first haircut in a locket. Good thing he dug that hair out!

DC Urban Dad said...

Still one super cute dude.

Autumn's Mom said...

haha I cut Autumn's hair the first 5 years because she was such a monster and would freak out if anyone tried. when I finally took her before she started school...the hair dresser was kind enough to treat it as her first "professional" hair cut and gave me locks of hair and a pic of autumn.

Anonymous said...

I cut the back of Savannah's hair for the first time Sunday.....Keith was upset, but, he's not the one who has to brush it.....I'm such a bad mom....didn't save one curl.....I hope she doesn't lose the curls forever.....

Ryan looks ADORABLE.

Shari Schmidt said...

I only cut our girls hair because the front was so long they couldn't see. For a long time they had bangs, but not much else!

carol said...

Diane he looks so cute!!! Jon didn't do to bad....I guess he will never do that again!!!