Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gone but not forgotten

After a week of driving a loaner minivan, I finally got mine back yesterday. It's running perfectly, but I think I'll take the loaner back because the inside of my car is a mess.

Cookie crumbs, toys, a scarf, Sophia's pocketbooks and who knows what else litter the aisle between the second row of seats. There is a plastic bag of trash in the front seat, an old Dunkin Donuts coffee cup and a bottle of water sitting in the center console in the front. Jonathan is the only who sits in the back row, so I'm not about to go back there and see what he may have left behind.

That new car smell is completely gone and its been replaced by a mystery scent that probably has to do with the old coffee cup, trash bag and cookies. One day I'll get around to cleaning out the inside, and possibly the outside, of my van, until then I'll just mourn the loss of that new car smell.