Saturday, June 7, 2008

Brain break

Did you ever have one of those moments that your brain just kind of gives out on you? Like when you drive all the way to the grocery store with your kids screaming in the back of the care to buy … and you forget the reason you left your house in the first place. Or - and I do this all the time - when you get in the car and start driving to work, but it’s Saturday and where your really going is in the complete opposite direction. I hate those days, but they happen to everyone. I blame it on information overload.

Here is my latest brain break

It’s late Friday night and I was at the computer, as usual. Jon comes into the room, sits on the couch and asks, “What are you doing?”

Me: “I just bought some new songs on iTunes.”

Jon: “Nice. What’d a get?”

Me: “I’ll play them for you. Let me put them in a playlist first.”

Fifteen minutes later …

Jon: “So, am I going to get to here the songs or what?”

Me: (Huffs.) “I am such an idiot!”

Jon: “You shouldn’t say stuff like that about yourself. You are not an idiot.”

Me: “Oh yes, this time I am. I spent all this time putting all the songs in a playlist and then did it all again. So now I have two playlists of the same songs. My brain must have skipped or something. I can’t believe I went through all these stupid songs twice.”

Daddy: “Yup, you are an idiot. I hate when stuff like that happens.”

All day long at work I have to remember when and where stuff is happening. Then, when I get home, I have to remember things like doctors appointments, wedding dates, birthday parties, block parties, family visits, and all that other stuff that makes our world go round. A snap every now and then, I think, is expected. Right?