Monday, June 9, 2008

When the ball gets rolling, how do you make it stop?

Ryan had a huge weekend, and on the surface it seems wonderful, but the more I obsess over it, the scarier the reality of his recent progresses is becoming.

Last Thursday night, Ryan sat himself up. I've suspected he could do this for weeks now, but he just hadn't felt the need to do it himself. He was getting by quite fine by screaming and crying when he was tired of crawling. Thursday night, however, he decided to do it himself. This, my friends, was the beginning of his big weekend.

Friday morning, Ryan pulled himself to the standing position. It was 7 a.m., about 13 hours from his last monumental step. Only half jokingly, I said, "Well, I guess he'll be walking by Monday."
Don't worry, it's Monday and he is still not walking, but, my god, he thinks he can. He's ready, that's for sure. He just needs to work on his balance.

But wait, there is more. While sitting at my desk at work Sunday night, Jon called me to tell me that Ryan said "Daddy."

Not Dada, Daddy. And no, he hasn't said Mommy or Mama or anything even remotely close to it yet. No worries, I know once "Mommy" starts it will never stop.

As the story goes, Jon and the kids were playing on the living room floor (a.k.a.: Jon was laying on the floor and the kids were using him as a jungle gym) and Ryan gets right in front of Jon's face, looks right in his eyes and says, "Daddy."

Sophia even heard it and responded in typical fashion, "No, my Daddy." Oh, boy.

How on earth am I supposed to absorb all this growth so quickly? When Ryan was born, I made it very clear to anyone who would listen, that I couldn't wait for him to be mobile so he could play with Sophia. Now that the reality of that statement is here, I can't believe how quickly my little baby is becoming a toddler. He's not there yet, but I know it's going to happen sooner than I'm prepared for it to get here.

My little babies are growing up too quickly. In no time, I'll be sending them to college. I wish I could keep them little longer.


lattemommy said...

I think I'm going to stop blinking, so I stop missing things...

Autumn's Mom said...

My daughter is 13 and this feeling never seems to go away ;) I keep telling her she's going to be an adult for most of her life, right now is a short time to my little girl!

CableGirl said...

I agree with LatteMommy.... really, if you blink it's gone.

How old is Ryan? Too cute that he's so determined to catch up to his sister. :)

And thank you for your opinion on my post yesterday.

Diane said...

cablegirl, Ryan will be 9 months old tomorrow.