Thursday, June 19, 2008

Full of surprises

This weekend, we are going to a wedding. Next weekend we're going to a first birthday party and (possibly) a concert. The following weekend we're celebrating Sophia's second birthday. The weekend after that is Ryan's baptism, the weekend after that there's a block party … You get the picture, we are busy.

I wasn't an overscheduled child or teenager. I didn't go to summer camp and only took part in one, yes, that is a big number 1, extracurricular activity at a time. Like many kids I knew, I had a lot of free time on my hands. When I grew up, I preferred a more leisurely lifestyle. I like to spend the weekend playing outside with the kids, because I don't have a ton of time to do it during the work week.

My husband is always on the go. If we spend a day lounging around the house, we better have a busy next day planned. He gets cabin fever easily, which brings me to the surprise comment made by Jon last night.

Me: Besides C's birthday party next weekend and the Devo concert (yes, my husband is a total dork who adores Devo, plus we got free tickets), I have an appointment to get my hair done (Yay!) at 12:30.

Jon: So, we'll meet you at the party.

Me: Well, I thought maybe we'd show up late to the party since Bern is watching the kids for us so we can go to the concert and that will give them time to have a nap before going to the party.

Jon: We're picking them up that night, right?

Me: Yeah, that means if you go to the party without me, Sophia will not nap and she'll be crazy miserable.

Jon: As much as I love the fact that you got us (free!) tickets to see Devo, I will not be upset if we can't go. I think that's too much for us to do in one day.

Me: (!) OK, we'll see what happens.

You heard that the same as I did, too, right? He will forgo the Devo concert in order to make our life less chaotic. I'm putting it in writing so when he denies it I'll have proof.

Surprises do happen every day.
**Because updating a post is so much easier than writing a new one. I finally added a picture of Jonathan's graduation.**