Thursday, June 26, 2008

Looking toward the future

In exactly one week, Sophia will be 2 years old and in exactly one week I have to bring something in to daycare to celebrate said birthday. This will be my first time celebrating Sophia’s birthday in daycare. What do you bring to school for 12 kids for a 2 year old birthday? Do I make a cake? Cupcakes? Cookies? How about fruit or, well, I’m out of ideas. Suggestions? This is so crazy and it’s just another thing I have to add to my plate that already has like a million things on it. This weekend it’s a first birthday and a concert. Next weekend is Sophia’s birthday and a trip to a friend’s house (which I am so excited about) and the following weekend is Ryan’s christening/Sophia’s belated birthday party. My head is about to burst from so much planning.

And then this happened.

On the drive home from work, both Ryan and Sophia had major diaper issues. Ryan’s leaked all over the place so when I picked him up out of the carseat he, and the carseat, where soaking wet. Sophia followed suit, but at least hers stayed in the diaper. Thank god! Screaming, hungry babies covered in excrements … couldn’t they have at least waited until we got inside the house.


I want to go outside and scream and then go back inside and pour myself a big glass of wine, drink it and go to bed and sleep until noon.

Then, I turn and see this …

… and I realize that making cupcakes for a daycare birthday party and cleaning up stinky, exploding diapers is simply no big deal.


Autumn's Mom said...

Aww look at the little mommy. Take a minute and enjoy the good things. Pretty soon, they will just be memories :)

IRISHKAT said...

Oh, she looks like such a big girl! Grady's teacher actually requested brownies or cookies since cupcakes tend to be messy It made my life a lot easier to make a pan of brownies that's for sure!!