Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Free diapers!

I've never held a contest here at The Mommy Diaries, but I guess there's a first time for everything.

I understand many of you have babies and, like me, have diapers to change. Whether you use cloth or disposable, diapers are expensive, there's no question about that. With that in mind, how would you like a coupon for a free, that's right, I said FREE, pack of Luvs diapers with Bear Hug stretch?

What, you would love one? Then this contest is for you.

All you have to do is add your name and url to Mr. Linky down there and it will put you in the running for a free pack of diapers. Don't have a website? No problem, just comment to this post.

A winner will be drawn using I will announce the lucky winner here on Monday. Be sure to check on Monday to see if you won. Anyone can enter and anyone can win. Don't be shy, enter now.

Wait, there's more! In addition to the FREE package of diapers, you will receive the new DVD from comedienne Anita Renfroe. Click here for a sneak peak of the video. This prize has a value of $30.

In this contest everybody's a winner. Beginning today, you can visit and get a $5 off coupon on your next package of Luvs diapers. You read correctly, $5 off. Luv's wants you to take a stand against high prices without sacrificing quality. There is a limited number of these $5 off coupons, so don’t delay, visit today.


Autumn's Mom said...

dangit! I feel like I do when I see I don't qualify for a contest because the age requirement is 18-34! haha I'm actually glad I don't need a free pack of diapers at this point..but back in the day I'd have been all over this! I loved huggies diapers..but luvs were cheaper :) so we used luvs.

Michelle Karas said...

Great idea!
If I win, you get the loot, Diane.

Marie said...

Who doesn't love free diapers!

Anonymous said...

Sure, sign me up. The diapers are yours if I win. Glad to be done with them here. Tammy

Anonymous said...

I would like to enter the contest for my sister in law. Martha.

IRISHKAT said...

I'd Luv to play but I am now living the diaper free life!