Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I think she likes it

I feel so bad about yesterday's gag-inducing post that I wanted to cleanse your palate with something a little more, um, appetizing.

The grocery store had a sale on five-box pack boxes of macaroni and cheese, and since that is one of Sophia's main food groups, we snatched them right up. Included with the pack was a sample of Oreo Cakesters.

I think she liked them.


Polina said...

She does love them - at least on the photo she looks completely happy:)))

IRISHKAT said...

Yumm... they are quite tasty! Much better then a wasp for sure.

Diane said...

She did love them! It's a good think it was only a sample because I'm pretty sure she would have eaten an entire box.

Autumn's Mom said...

haha mm mm good. I love the messy face :)