Sunday, July 6, 2008

Oh, my aching back

Training is hard. It's so easy to sit back and say, "Oh, yeah, I'm going to ride with my husband in the MS 150 in September. No problem." But it's a whole other thing to actually do it.

Today, for the very first time, we road past the 30 mile mark and I'm beginning to think 40 miles is as far as I can go. I can't even believe I'm going to have to more than double those miles in about three months.

My legs are burning.

My hips are sore.

I am exhausted. Oh, dear God, I am exhausted.

We've been "training" for about a month now. I say "training" because I don't necessarily consider going for a long bike ride once a week real training. But, we've been averaging 20 to 25 miles each ride. Not too shabby as far as I'm concerned. It's a distance I am not ashamed to tell you because it's been more than two years since my butt has been on a bike. Jon and I used to ride a lot before I got pregnant with Sophia, mostly mountain biking, but once we got pregnant I stopped riding completely. I was scared of falling off the bike or hurting the baby, so all bike riding ceased.

I've been riding a mountain bike I bought at Toys R Us probably 10 years ago. It's been good to me. We've road many miles together, me and the bike, that is. But it's heavy. The steel frame probably weights 10 pounds, maybe more. My estimates on how much it weighs vary depending on how long I've been riding and how badly my legs hurt. I say 10 pounds because right now my body is telling me it's closer to 20 pounds. Truthfully, I have no idea how heavy it is, only that it's heavy. Good for mountain biking, but not so good for long distance biking.

But on Monday, ladies and gentlemen, I am getting a road bike. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. My new bike promises to be lighter and, the best part, it will actually fit my body. My husband, who is a way more experienced rider than I am, says that 40 miles will be no big deal after I have a lighter bike that actually fits me.

I can only hope, because one more long ride on my ancient mountain bike and I'm sure my legs will turn against me.

**I promise to add a picture of the bike once I have it.**


McMommy said...

I just had to read that out loud to McDaddy....he is SO EXCITED for you and completely agrees with your husband. It's going to completely change your riding experience! Congrats!!!

Jeanne said...

Wow, what an awesome goal - good for you!! I don't think I could do it. I walk quite a bit, but the thought of cycling even 20 miles is amazing. Congrats on the new bike :-)

IRISHKAT said...

I also recommend bike seat that is made for women. THAT made the biggest difference for me, especially on long rides. Post pics!

Autumn's Mom said...

Wow...I'm already proud of you. You can do it. Can't wait to see the awesome new bike.