Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The weight is on

Every time I hop on my bike, I'm reminded that I need to lose a couple of pounds. Yes, I do need to lose them to satisfy my vanity, but there's more to it when considering the MS150. If I'm going to ride well, I need to be in better shape.

Up until today, I was kind of hoping that all the riding I'll be doing once I get my new bike (which is still MIA. boo hoo!) will take care of any extra baggage I need to get rid of, but truth be told, after looking a bit closer at my current lifestyle, I'd say I could ride 100 miles every day and never lose an ounce.


What I really need to do is way more cardio and improve my upper body strength. Oh, and eating better would really help, too.

It's a well-known fact that Sophia is thin. She always has been. It's not like when she was a baby she was huge and now she's thin, she's just always been thin. At one year, she weighed 18 pounds, at 18 months she was 21.5 pounds and now, at 2, I'm really, really hoping she weighs at least 23 pounds.

But the girl is tall. Boy, is she tall. For her entire life, she has been above the 95 percentile in height (but at about the 10 percentile for weight). My guess for her next appointment is that she's at least 36 inches tall. My theory is that every time she puts on a little weight she grows an inch. And as a mother of a very thin toddler, I feel terrible about it. People are always commenting on how tiny she is. No one takes into consideration how tall she is when discussing her weight. I feed her, honest, I do. She eats all the time. She may not like to sit and eat dinner with us, but she does eat. Plus the child never ever stops running.

So far, the doctors haven't said too much about her weight since it's been her norm, but every time she sits on that scale I pray for weight gain. It may be a matter of survival, Ryan is 20 pounds (and 31 inches tall!) at 10 months old. The boy is a monster compared to her. He shouldn't weigh more than his big sister before he's even a year old. She's going to have to learn some serious fighting moves to keep him from crushing her.

So, in preparation for her upcoming check up, I've been stuffing her with all sorts of yummy foods she won't turn away. Peanut butter, bread, chocolate, bacon, sausage, eggs, pork and cheese, lots of cheese.

All of this means that we've been keeping the house stocked with junk food. Now that we've started this high-impact eating regimen with her, I'm certainly not going to be able to stop after Thursday's appointment, right? That would be cruel.

This is no way for me to make a lifestyle change. We'll find out on Thursday if all my efforts to get her to gain weight have paid off. In the mean time, I have to figure out how to fatten her up without doing the same to myself.

Anyone know a personal trainer/chef that will come to my house and help get me in shape? For free.

After reading this post, my mom sent me the following e-mail:

Subject: You at 2
34 inches tall
22lb 8oz
Runs in the family!!
People used to think we didn’t feed you. At least Sophia will EAT. You wouldn’t!
Love, Mom

I also learned, thanks to a reminder call from the pediatrician, that her appointment is actually on Wednesday. That doesn't leave me any time to fatten her up!

You can read the update from her doctor's appointment by clicking here.

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Bernadette said...

Uh, if you're for real with the personal trainer.....Robby is one. He does it out of his own house, right down the street from you.

Diane said...

But does he work for FREE! Oh, and I need him to come to my house, bring his own food and cook.

Ahh, a little celebrite fitness, if you like. haha

Rock and Roll Mama said...

I'm so with you on all fronts. My daughter was dubbed "The Supermodel" by her pediatrician and was under the weight chart til she turned three. And I AM a personal trainer, with a Pilates studio in my house. Wanna know the last time I worked out? No. Cause it's too shamey.:)

Elizabeth said...

yeah, my daughter at 1 was 18.6 and has gained a little better in the mos to follow...but i was teeny also. she's only 10-15 for weight & 25th for height...oh, and 90th for HEAD! hahaha she eats like a bird...and I did too...and still do! so, it defintely can run in the fam! :-) i can't wait to read your update!

Mamasphere said...

It is impossible to eat healthy when your kids' snacks are calling to you, lol.

As long as she eats a healthy, normal diet, I wouldn't worry about fattening her up. Especially if your dr isn't worried. Cheese, though... cheese should definitely stay.

carrie said...

Congrats on the All Top mention!

And yes, we all worry don't we? And usually, in the end they manage to turn out just fine - like your mom pointed out! :)

Happy POW!

Carol said...

My friends little girl is the same way and it turns out my friend was the same way when she was little.

She'll no doubt be thrilled with that metabolism when she is older.

McMommy said...

I woud love your daughter's metabolism!!

My sister was the same way...always such a toothpick. And she's still thin today...and eats so healthy. She even eats things like sushi...which i NEVER would have guessed she would ever eat!!

Lynette said...

I remember those days. My daughter would eat like a horse and still was a little underweight. I finally stopped worrying about it and just let it be. I knew she was eating, and if the Dr. didn't complain, neither would I.