Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oh my God, make him stop crying

Sorry if I’ve been a little quiet these last couple of days, but Ryan woke up at 1 a.m. Friday with a fever of 104 that wouldn’t go down. I called the doctor Friday morning, Friday night and again on Saturday when they finally told me I should bring him in Sunday morning, which I did. They said he has a mild ear infection and he must have some kind of virus that is causing his high fever. It got as high as 105.5 several times over the weekend.

The poor little guy has been so uncomfortable. BUT, the thing is now, right now at this very moment, he has no fever at all. I guess the mad scientist (doctor recommended) concoction of Tylenol and Motrin did the trick. But he won’t stop crying.

Why won’t he stop crying?!

He won’t eat. He won’t drink. He doesn’t even stop crying when I hold him, which I’ve been doing pretty much constantly since Friday. I just now put him to bed, hoping he’s just tired, but he’s still crying.

It’s not an “I’m in pain” kind of cry. He doesn’t sound like he’s in distress, it’s just a cry. A sad, heart-wrenching cry that I’ve been listening to for what seems to be forever. It’s a cry that all you want to do is pick him up and fix whatever it is that is making him cry. But nothing I’m doing is making the cry stop.

Wait. Listen. I think he finally fell asleep.

Ah. Nope, he’s still whimpering.

At least he’s not crying.

Oh hey, now that I’ve gotten that all out, in case you missed it, take a little trip to Sunshine’s today and read my guest post about vacationing in my home state of Pennsylvania.

Great. I’m now off to bask in pleasant silence as I’m pretty sure Ryan finally fell back to sleep.

Wish me luck.


Scooter Kitten said...

Geez. Motrin and Tylenol? I'd 've smacked that doctor. But I guess he's the one with the medical degree.
Maybe the kid's just uncomfortable because of the ear infection.

Lynette said... wonder you need the drink. Nothing like a crying baby to make you want to pull your hair out.

Hope the kid feels better soon.

Autumn's Mom said...

It's so hard when they are just so uncomfortable and cry like that. I whimper when I'm uncomfortable still! haha I hope he's back to his old self soon. Going over to Sunshines!

IRISHKAT said...

Left you a little comment love at Sunshine's. Didn't realize you lived in Pea Ay. I grew up just on the border in Ohio :)

Carol said...

Oh bless him.

He does not sound like a happy boy, hope he's feeling better!

Megan said...

Oh, honey, how miserable for all of you. Hope you and your little guy are both able to relax soon...

Mamasphere said...

It just breaks your heart when your child is feeling bad and you can't help them feel better. Ear infections are the worst. Is he better now?

McMommy said...

So only Motrin and Tylenol? No antibiotics??

I hope you BOTH are feeling better soon!!

Chelle said...

I hope he is feeling better and you are able to get a little peace and quiet. Happy POW!