Monday, July 21, 2008

Finally feeling better

Now he has a rash. It’s roseola. That’s what caused the fever. That’s what has been making my little baby feel so badly for so many days. But the rash means he’s getting better. Thank goodness.

Yesterday, after his crying, which we determined to be his very first temper tantrum, Ryan’s fever went down and stayed down. It seems like Ryan gets every little virus and infection that’s going around. It’s exhausting, it’s annoying, and mostly it’s scary. I hope he’s going through all this for good reason, like once he starts kindergarten he’ll never get sick. That’s right; he’ll be the kid who never misses a day of school.


On to some more pleasant news, during all of Ryan’s weekend drama, Sophia has become the sweetest, most well-behaved little girl. I’m not sure what’s spurred this crazy sweetness, but I like it and I hope it stays. Don’t get me wrong, she’s as crazy and wild as ever, just sweet at the same time.

Training notes: In case you’ve been wondering how my training has been going, it’s going very well. The road bike is tough to get used to. I fell twice the first day I road and today I fell again. It seems like I can’t make a sharp turn on the bike while clipped into the pedals. It’s embarrassing, but I can laugh about it. We are up to 24 miles, which did yesterday and today. That’s 48 miles in two days and my legs are beat. They aren’t sore, but they are extremely fatigued. 48 miles is a far cry from the 150 miles I’m supposed to do in September and it’s making me a little nervous about getting through 150 miles in two days.


Autumn's Mom said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!! Autumn had roseola a couple of times. (sucky can come back) I think it was about the most major thing she ever got. We were lucky :)

Anonymous said...

Glad Ryan is feeling better. As for the are doing great! The most I've ever done was the Lancaster Metric Century, appox. 63 miles of non-stop hills. But that was 6 years ago, before Garrett. While in Florida, we rode alot & one morning we did 32. It didn't feel rough, & that was on my mountain bike. We are both in good shape. Woohoooo! Keep up the good work. Tammy

srhjf1 said... poor little buddy! I hope he feels better soon so we can play some more in the water bucket!! Love Jameson and Mommy

IRISHKAT said...

Congrats on the training! Keep it up... 48 miles in tow days is great. Hope Ryan gets well soon!