Friday, July 18, 2008

There's something in the air

There are several stores where, no matter how hard you try, you always spend too much money. Everyone knows Target is one of those stores. Ikea is the other. I swear, no matter how steadfast you might think you are going into the store, the mind-control gas they have circulating through the air makes you spend money.

Today, we went to Ikea.

We went there to get storage bins for the kids’ toys in the play room, er, I mean, our living room. Of course, when we got there we decided we needed a new recycle bin, a new rug, a paper towel holder and a new chair for the computer desk.

So much for a cheap at home vacation. I think we might be spending as much during our stay-at-home vacation as we would if we actually went somewhere.

But there is a sense of satisfaction when the living room went from this …

… to this ...

... in less than an hour.

But Sophia did this in less than5 minutes:


IRISHKAT said...

I see you have a little tornado too. That is how my living room looks right now after a 3 year old invasion. I really like the storage boxes though - very cool!

Autumn's Mom said...

HAHAHA Wow, what a difference. I love organizational stuff like that. The little tornado..that's funny :)

Lynette said...

LOL. She didn't waste any time did she?