Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Time for serious training

Day one of our vacation has been pretty eventful. I finally got my new bike on Saturday, but I still needed to be fit to it. We did that today. I also got new cleats, which are really cool, but really hard to figure out. I’ve never been physically attached to my bike while riding and this is something to get used to. I fell the first time I tried to get on the bike. In fact, I fell twice. I’m going to have a bruise on my hip and a sore wrist to show for it, but it was worth it because it was so much fun riding. It was way better than riding the old crappy mountain bike, so training should be a lot easier.

Here’s my new bike! It’s a Cannondale R500.

In other news, Sophia tried on one of princess outfits she got for her birthday. She was being a little camera shy, but I was able to get this picture of my little princess.


Autumn's Mom said...

Nice bike! Not nice that you fell...but I guess that's all part of it right?? Thanks for your comments yesterday. I was telling J about it in the car yesterday and we were both cracking up. Most times I think it's just him and me against the world. We can conquer it ;)

IRISHKAT said...

LOVE the new ride! very stylin'.