Friday, September 26, 2008

Pardon Me While I Dust My Blogspot!

It's been awhile since I played around in blogspot. It's kind of like riding a bike though, hopefully after I'm done my butt won't hurt from the seat! Can't say I can say the same thing for Diane! Pad your behind, missy!!

I'm Dot and I'm Autumn's Mom. I'm not trying to save the world although I do try to take it over every now and again. And again. I was Autumn's mom for 13 years, divorced and remarried about 48 days ago and became the Bradys mom. I have inherited 4 (that's FOUR) step sons. All of our kids live with us and visit their other parents every other weekend. It's hectic trying to keep everything together. Sometimes I just melt into a pool of tears and other times I'm laughing with them so hard I pee my pants. We're very liquidy.

I used to feel sad that my family seemed to be getting smaller and smaller instead of bigger. I felt like when the day came for my mom to leave this world, I'd feel so alone. And in turn, my daughter would feel the same way when it was my time. Now, we are surrounded by so much family. We are completely loved and accepted by our new external family. I look forward to family vacations and Christmas now. I know some day I'm going to be covered in grandchildren and that thought makes me ecstatic. I'm pretty sure my days of feeling alone are over.

You hear a lot of horror stories about blending families. We did the other day right here on this blog. And my heart goes out to those families, because it doesn't have to be that way. What's best for the children is all those parents co-parenting together. I'm not saying I have the perfect situation, because believe me I could tell you some stories. It's been a crazy bumpy road. Sometimes when you are coming into a crazy situation, there really isn't anything you can do about it. I can only do my best to be the kind of mom to the boys that I'd want anyone else to be to my daughter. I like spreading good karma around like that. Karma is a muther I don't like to mess with.

Let's all try to spread a little good karma today. You might need some yourself later on.

Dot OUT!


J at said...

Well miss, when you're hot, you're HOT! Awesome post. And you are indeed an awesome mom to your brood.

Ted said...

My favorite line: "We're very liquidy." Thanks for the chuckles, Dot! :-)

IRISHKAT said...

Great post and I agree - Karma is a muther!