Thursday, September 25, 2008

Secrets of a Lassie

Hi! I'm Kat from the Sassy Irish Lassie and Diane left me the keys to her blog while she is getting ready for her big race! (silly, silly girl) I've been scoping things out, looking in all her cupboards and just sat down with an extra large adult beverage. Since I have never blog-sat before, I have to admit I am a bit nervous about impressing a new bunch of readers. I mean, you come here expecting something and you get... well, me! But then a huge light went off! I can share a secret, disclose top secret stuff I can't write about on my blog - perfect!! But which secret should I share? Hmmmmm........

Ready... here it goes.... I am a evil stepmother. Shocking I know. Well you can't expect me to divulge my deepest and darkest on my first time do you?? Due to obvious reasons, I cannot and choose to not, write about my two stepdaughters on my blog. Especially since the time their mother tried to sneak them out of the country and forged their passports without my husband's knowledge - yeah, that got ugly. So I try to not lay claim to them to cover my a$$, cause she's psycho like that.

Anyway, a long while back, when I was a wee lass, I had such fantastic dreams of getting married, having 2.6 children, a dog and a house with a picket fence. Hello delusions!!! After quickly leaving an abusive marriage - oh yeah did I mention I was married before? Consider that secret #2! But I digress. *ahem* As I was saying, I was young and in the process of my divorce when Hottie Hubsters came around. "RUN away!!" said friends, "He's got baggage. It will never work!" said my parents, but it was too late - I was head over heels in love.

I also had no idea what I was in for. When we met, girl #1 was 4 and girl #2 was 1, so I was quickly transformed into instant mom - changing diapers and baby proofing my house. The first few years flew by and soon we welcomed a child of our own. Hubby travelled, so I was in charge of all three children but with stipulations. If his daughters misbehaved, I was not allowed to discipline them. I had to drive them to and from school, cook their meals, wash their clothes and everything else a mother has to do, but I was forbidden, by his ex, to parent. This led to many phone calls of me basically tattling to Hubby so he could discipline them over the phone. So. Lame. Did I mention it led to many, many fights?? After two years of this I was ready to throw in the towel. Life sucked! I disliked my husband because he would side with his girls instead of me and then they would turn around and make up lies about our house to get me in trouble with their Mom. Did I mentioned my life sucked?? Yeah, it did. This was SOOOO not what I signed up for. Where was the endless summer love? Where was my wedded bliss??

Well, in light of all the drama that is our life, will be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary in a few weeks. Has it been all sunshine and tulips? Heck no! But together we have tackled many problems and relished in the good times. We have also, through the years, learned better techniques in dealing with ALL the issues that come with sharing equal custody of two children. While both houses are very different, I still need to learn we are learning that we can only control them when they are at our house and whatever crazy, insane and downright scary things happen at their Mom's, is not my our problem. I still struggle with this on a weekly basis - I mean HELLO I have control issues!!! - but I have toned down my rantings quite a bit. I also have to admit that I am secretly counting down the days till they both graduate - sshhhh, don't tell.

Now if I could only post all the great and scandalous stories I have from all these years I would be golden. Going out of town soon??


Mamasphere said...

That was some good dishing!

Why on earth a parent would think it's okay to not let a step-parent discipline when they are PARENTING a child is beyond me. What a crazy loon your husband's ex-wife is.

Autumn's Mom said...

That hit home. I am a newly wedded gal and have inherited 4 step sons. While I want them to be mine and mine alone...they also come with a crazy mama. Makes my head spin and I'm still learning. I feel like I will be for quite some time to come. I think I need to check out your blog! hahaha

IRISHKAT said...

Yes, it is pure craziness! The funny thing is that she got remarried around the same time we did and it was OK for her new husband to parent - just not me. Oh the joys!!