Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The princess and her room

This morning started like any other morning, babies desperate for breakfast and juice, the night having drained every ounce of nutrition from their tiny little bodies. Screaming, crying babies flailing on the floor until they are given their precious apple juice is the norm. After breakfast everyone heads upstairs to get dressed for the day. Today being picture day at daycare, we were careful to dress everyone extra nice. Sophia was extra adorable today, which meant she became extra cute.

After I got her dressed, I went to my room to dress myself. She followed me into the room and stood in front of the mirror and danced to the music I just turned on.

"I a princess, Mommy," she said while smiling at me.

"Yes, you are," I said and she took my hand.

"See my princess room, Mommy," she says while dragging me to her room.

"Look, my princess room. See princess pillow case. Pretty. Babies sleeping. Wanna try," she says while climbing into her bed and picking up one on of the many dolls in her bed.

"Here Mommy. 'Mon (Come on), sit on my pillow case. Nice. See Sleeping Beauty, Cinnerella (I love the way she says Cinderella), Beauty and Beast."

"Sophia, your princess room is so nice. I love your big girl bed, it's so comfortable," I said.
"OK. Babies go sleep now. 'Mon, Mom."

I'm pushed out of the room and she proceeds to put all her baby dolls to sleep. She shuts her bedroom door and comes into the bathroom to tell me everyone is sleeping.

Future tour guide? Realtor? Maybe. Whatever it is, she's definitely adorable.


Autumn's Mom said...

Mon! What a sweet pea. I remember Autumn would play mommy and her babies were always crying. and she'd say in her little voice, it's ok baby, it's ok. I miss that!

Candy said...


Mamasphere said...

Adorable indeed! So fun that she's loving her room.