Monday, December 22, 2008

The best Santa photo ever

My kids don't like Santa ... let me rephrase that, my kids are scared to death of Santa. Sophia gets the whole Santa thing. She understands he is going to bring her presents on Christmas, but that doesn't make her want to be near him. Ryan is also feeling the excitement of the upcoming holiday, but honestly, he has no idea what is going on, he's just excited.

Santa came to daycare today. He gave every student a present and everyone had their pictures taken with him. This would be the second attempt this year at getting my kids' pictures taken with Santa. The first time Sophia got close enough to Santa to tell him she wanted a princess for Christmas, but as soon as the words left her little mouth, she bolted across the room. This time Sophia knew what was coming and this time she didn't even get close enough to tell Santa she wanted anything for Christmas. She got her present and walked away relatively unscathed.

Ryan wasn't so lucky. Still carry-able, Ryan was taken to see Santa. Despite his protests, he was plopped down on Santa's lap.

This is the result:

I nearly peed myself laughing when I saw this picture. There it is, Ryan taken hostage by Santa. Can you hear Santa's evil laugh as he points at the camera and says, "I'm coming to get you."

Ryan managed to come home with a present from Santa, although I'm pretty sure he never actually handed it to Ryan. One year, maybe before they are 10, I will get a picture of my kids on Santa's lap. Maybe. If not, that's fine because for all eternity, I will have this fantastic picture to remind me why I don't spend hours in line waiting to have my kids sit on Santa's lap.


Autumn's Mom said...

Oh Lordy. Autumn used to get FREAKED out by Santa. I have one pic of when she was a month old with Santa because she couldn't tell me no. haha I hope he's not too traumatized.

Anonymous said...

Garrett is 5 & this is the 1st year he actually looked like he enjoyed being on Santa's lap. It looks like you have a long haul infront of you. Keep laughing, it's good therapy. Tammy

Bernadette said...

Savannah can't get enough of Santa. He stopped at the party we were at this past Saturday. Savannah wanted him to play games and do puzzles with her. When he went to leave, she tried to follow him out, b/c she wanted to see Roudolph.....
Maybe next year will be different for Sophia??

James Austin said...

That's a great Photo! Strikingly similar to the reaction that Lukas had. LOL! What do we expect at this age, really?

Dad Stuff said...

Really cute picture. You should use it for a Christmas card some year.
Merry Christmas.

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Too funny! My niece is afraid of Santa and really any other person in character. My SIL can't even take her to Disney, because she freaks out at Mickey and Minnie. Crazy!

Well, I wanted to stop by to tell you thanks for your amazing posts this year. I have appreciated getting to know you through your blog.

Happy Holidays!

J at said...

Poor Santas. I think they're just used to this. One year we went to get a Christmas Tree, and the guy who carried the tree out to our car looked like Santa, which freaked my daughter out. She cried and cried, "Mama, why is Santa stealing our TREE?" :)

My husband writes for a music magazine called PopDose, and he edited a little video for them with a lot of pictures your son would relate to;