Monday, January 5, 2009

The Christmas 5

Ahh, the holidays are finally over and life can get back to normal … or whatever we consider normal these days. But, like almost every other person on the planet, I'm suffering from the Christmas 5, those five pounds you are almost guaranteed to gain during the holidays. What is it about all the beautiful cookies and cakes and special treats? Why is it OK for us to devour every last treat that passes us because it's the holidays?

But never fear … the other wonderful -- I'm using that word loosely -- thing that happens this time of year is the stomach bug. Yup, the inability to eat or keep anything down will surely help you shed the pesky Christmas 5. My husband woke up in the wee hours of Sunday morning and I'm pretty sure shed his Christmas 5 in one trip to the bathroom. This morning, I woke up feeling like I would lose anything I tried to put into my stomach.

Yes, happy Monday!

The stomach bug is a funny thing. It swoops in quickly, does its damage and leaves as fast as it appeared. It picks off family members one by one, taking them unexpectedly, usually in the middle of the night so those who don't have it are sure to get it from cleaning up vomit while half asleep.

Two down, two to go. It's a tie game right now and I'm determined to wipe out the bug before it hits the kids. Sick husband is bad enough, sick kids would be worse ... especially since they don't suffer from the Christmas 5.


keiki3 said...

Oh! Ick! That 'bug' visited our house a couple of weeks ago... it was a mean one -- hit two of us then was gone for four days before returning to take over two more of us. Only one in our house escaped its rath... Good luck keeping it from your kids!

James Austin said...

Things do have a way of equalizing themselves, don't they? Hope you are feeling better soon.