Sunday, February 8, 2009

Playing catch up

How long can you go in between posts and still call yourself a blogger? I think I'm going to find out.

I've noticed during the last couple of weeks that the less I blog the better I feel about my parenting skills. Maybe it's because I'm not analyzing every move I make, or maybe it's because when my kids are bad, I forget about it instead of writing about it.

Yeah, that's the ticket. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Having said all that, so much has gone on that I'm not even sure where to start, so I'll start on the toilet. Quite literally, Sophia has decided she wants to use the potty. She still isn't telling us when she has to go, but she's using the potty when we ask her if she has to go. To be fair, she did tell us one time on Saturday that she had to use the potty, but it hasn't happened since.

Regardless, I am thrilled at her enthusiasm for the potty and I'm feeding into it as best I can, so much so that Ryan has decided he should sit on the potty whenever Sophia does. It's actually very cute, he just plops his little butt down on her little potty after she's done and claps. Maybe, if I'm lucky, Ryan will be potty trained by the time Sophia is and I'll have both kids out of diapers by the summer.

Good luck, right.

The other major thing happening at home is Sophia (again) has decided she can't stay in her bed. Bedtime stretches for hours (if both parents are home, of course). Supernanny would be appalled at how long it takes us to put Sophia to bed. We've tried everything, from Supernanny techniques to sleeping on the floor next to her bed. Nothing works … except ignoring her. I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but what has been working is when she gets out of bed after we tuck her in, we go upstairs and put her back into bed without saying a word to her. She's an attention grabber, so she doesn’t enjoy this one bit. Some days she screams louder, other days she goes back to sleep.

It's a crap shoot, really. One day she'll go to sleep.


When she does go to sleep, we've noticed at about 11 p.m. every night, Sophia wakes up screaming. I think she's having a nightmare, but I can't confirm that since she doesn't really understand what a dream is. I've resorted to comforting her and giving her whatever she wants to calm her and get her to go back to bed.

My kids aren't spoiled one bit, are they?

Enough about the kids, you want to know about me too, right? Yes, I know, I'm used to playing second fiddle when my kids are around, but, damn it, you're going to hear about me too. This weekend beautiful weather crept in and we took advantage of the 60 degree weather to go for our first bike ride of 2009. It felt so great to get back on the bike and out of the gym, it better have, because this year we have quite a few miles to train for and I'm so nervous and looking forward to it at the same time.

This year, in addition to the MS 150 City to Shore ride we did last year, Jon and I are going to do the Dutch Country ride in July, which is two 100 mile days (ugh!) and we are hoping to do the Livestrong Challenge ride when it comes to the area, which is another 150 miles. All together that's 500 miles for 2009.

I hope my legs make it.

In exactly three weeks, my husband and I will be boarding a plane and flying to Cancun. I am so excited about this trip because 1) it's a warm vacation spot in the middle of crappy weather season, and 2) THE KIDS ARE NOT COMING! I love my kids to death, but is it really a vacation if the kids go? Hmmm, you can decide that for yourself.


Heather said...

Last year I volunteered at LiveStrong Philly and had a great time. Hopefully I'll either volunterr again or run part of it. :)

Anonymous said...

Regarding ignoring Soph when she doesn't want to sleep? That's exactly what we do. We are the MOST BORING PEOPLE IN THE WORLD when it's time for Jane to sleep...we generally let her cry, but if we do feel the need to go in her room we just lay her back down and leave - no talking, no eye contact...and we DEFEINITELY don't laugh when she' sticking her fingers up her nose to get our attention. It sucks, I totally hate it. But bedtime/naptime would go on for hours and hours if we didn't just bite the bullet.


James said...

I think we will keep Lukas in his crib until he's 13!!

By the way, what is this vacation thing of which you speak??

Autumn's Mom said...

First of all, YAY to Cancun! Fantastic.

Bed time. I have nightmares just thinking about it. Sophia could be having night terrors. Which totally sucks. Autumn had them. I don't know what else to say but that she'll out grow them. In the meantime, keep doing what your doing. One day you are going to have two potty trained sleepers and you won't know what to do with yourself in the evenings. But I'm sure you'll think of something ;)

DCUrbanDad said...

My little one has hit the 8 month regression and wakes up every couple of hours in a sheer panic. We have tried to let her cry it out, but twice she has made herself sick and thrown up. We are trying to get her comfortable again. It is sloooooow goings.

I love not blogging every day it makes my posts better I think. I enjoy it more. Besides it's not my job. It is supposed to be for fun.