Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The princess and the, um, well, everything

It’s been well documented that Sophia is, shall we say, sometimes a little challenging. Challenging in that she has very strong opinions on what she wants to eat (or eat at all), wear, play and anything else that requires some kind of decision-making skill. Well, Mommy has found her weakness: Princesses.

That’s right, this little girl is obsessed with princesses. Apparently, there’s been a love of princesses brewing deep inside her and it’s finally come out.

It started after Ryan was born and our neighbor bought her the book Disney’s Princess Magic. It’s a seek-and-find book especially for toddlers and it quickly became her favorite book. Within a couple of days after getting the book, Sophia was able to find all the pictures on every page.

After a few months Mommy and Daddy grew tired of Princess Magic and carefully found a less obvious home for it. That is until recently when Sophia found her beloved Princess Magic book. She is still wildly crazy for this book except that this time she is a little bit older and has figured out what a princess is, and I’ve recently learned how to take advantage of the love of this book.

It all started Saturday when I got Sophia dressed. I put her in a dress and when she looked at herself in the mirror, she said, “Princess,” and pointed to herself. Great, I thought, how can I make this work in my favor? The answer: Make everything in our lives about princesses. It turns out that Sophia will eat breakfast if we serve Princess Waffles, rather than plain, old, every day waffles. She’ll wear what we put on her if we tell her she’s wearing princess clothes.

Basically, if we use the word princess before anything she will do it.

OK, so I know there are many, many anti-princess moms out there, but honestly, this works and if that means I have to make her into a princess every day so that she eats her dinner, by god, I’ll do it.

By the way, we took the kid to the zoo on Monday. It was Sophia and Ryan's first trip. If you scroll to the very bottom of the this page, you can see a slideshow of our trip.