Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ryan's first "official" haircut

I'm back ... sort of.
On Jan. 10, I closed this blog. A week after the announcement, I made the blog private and that ended my relationship with Blogher. Now, two weeks later, I'm back, but this time without the help of Blogher. My intention was to keep this blog private and just invite friends and family to read, but after some thought I felt that it would be easier to make the blog public, but make it public on my own terms. I'm a little sad about not being part of Blogher any longer, but I feel like the pressure to write will be gone and, therefore, maybe I'll have less writer's block.
So, on with the show...
Today Ryan had his first "official" haircut. His last cut was done covertly by Daddy and I was not too pleased by it at all. This time, we took him to the "Princess Hair Salon" and had both Sophia and Ryan's hair cut.

Sophia before haircut

Sophia went first, she was a little more timid this time than she was the last time I took her. I think her shyness had more to do with both me and Jon being there with her than the fact that she was being shy at all. She wouldn't sit on the chair by herself, like she did last time. so she sat on my lap. Besides that, she was very well behaved and her hair looks adorable.

Sophia after her haircut!!

Ryan went second. We were hoping he'd see his big sister get her hair cut and feel a little more comfortable with the whole process, but he hardly looked at her at all while she was getting her hair cut. But, he sat on my lap and was pretty still the entire time. Jon fed him a steady supply of fruit snacks and that kept him relatively still.

Ryan before his hair cut.

During his haircut ... look how good he is!

After his haircut. What a handsome little guy!

I was very proud of both Sophia and Ryan.


Sunshine said...

Dude. This is what happens when I end up 2 months behind on blog reading.

Closed down? Private? Huh?

DC Urban Dad said...

Welcome back to the land of the blogging. Ryan looks like a stud.

Heather said...

YAY!!!! I'm glad you're back!!

James said...

You are like the Terminator of blogging Moms! Glad you are BACK!

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you are back. It is a fun way to watch your children grow since I don't see them that often.
Aunt Ginny