Thursday, January 29, 2009

We have to take our clothes off ... to have a good time

Over and over I have read how important it is for parents to work and act as a team, but what happens when the kids don't respond to the team method?

That's the conundrum we're having now at home. When it's just one of us with both the kids, they are much more behaved than when we are both with them.
Explain that one.

Breakfast is a disaster every morning because Mom and Dad try to eat with the kids. After work, the kids will sit quietly and eat if it's just me giving them dinner. At bedtime, Sophia will only stay in bed if she thinks I'm at work.

It's madness.

Oh, and to top it off, we've hit the naked phase.

So many bloggers have mentioned how their kids hit this stage where they want to be naked, and I never believed them. I thought, how is it that the kids will simply take off their clothes for no reason. Well, once again, I am astounded by my kids.

Every day it's the same routine. I bring Sophia and Ryan home from school, go in the kitchen and start dinner while the kids play in the living room. Without fail, every day this week Sophia is naked within 5 minutes of walking in the door. Thank goodness she at least keeps her diaper on since she is still refusing to use the potty.

If she wants to be naked, fine, go to it, but I'd like it if she at least waited until after dinner. That's my only request, that she keep her clothes on during dinner.

Is that too much to ask?

Apparently so.


Autumn's Mom said...

I don't remember Autumn going thru the naked stage..but I could just be forgetting. It's funny. I actually used to strip Autumn down to her diaper for dinner if it was going to be messy. Easier to get her into the bath after and we didn't ruin any clothes.

James said...

Funny. We give Lukas 10 minutes of naked time each night before bath, so hopefully that will stave off the naked dinners!

Michelle Karas said...

That title is the name of a song from new Gym Class Heroes album we got from your brother!

Diane said...

Actually, the song is called "Clothes Off!"

DCUrbanDad said...

Hahahahaha - my little MiniKamp is never as happy as when she is butt nekid. This sounds like a fun stage. So much to look forward to.